My journey

Steven M. Bell  

Steven M. Bell is an anointed man of God who boldly ministers the Word of the Lord in song. He embodies the spirit of David as a singer, song- writer, director and producer. A native of Chicago IL, Steven began his musical journey at the age of three. He started on the drums...then on to the bass and lead was the piano, then finally the trumpet and bugle. He would later learn that being a minstrel was not only his desire but also the plan of God for his life. It is Stevens desire to reach others through song while maintaining an unwavering commitment to the teachings of Christ he has followed since his youth.  

Steven is instrumental in the work of the Lord, impacting others through song. His "Gospel Music" projects include: "Willie Rogers, The Soulstirrers & The Rainbow Push Choir", Pastor Donnie McClurkin, Pastor Marvin Winans and Minister Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Psalmist James Weaver, Calvin Bridges and Chicago Praise, Paulette Bush & the Chicago State Gospel Choir.  Steven has shared engineering projects with "Stevie Wonder's" audio team, has opened up for Najee, Peabo Bryson, and The Winans. Steven has been mentored in musical direction by Sterling Culp, Tony "TOCA" Carpenter, Quincy Fielding, Claud "DeeDee" Wyatt and Leonard Hurst.
Stevens other works include projects with Motown, Sony, and Universal Pictures 

 Through the years Steven realized that He could reach a lost generation through the ministry of song. As the "Minister of Music" in several churches, he observed the difference he was able to make in the building of Gods' kingdom. It is Stevens goal to sing praises that elevate the Holy Spirit, comfort the listening audience and bring joy and hope in a time where it is needed the most. Steven recognizes that in order to make a difference he must become the difference. His primary objective is to do that which is pleasing to the Lord